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The Narrow Road Treatment Center understands the obstacles First Responders face on a daily basis. The demands, stressors, and high level responsibilities eventually break down the individual’s ability to cope and bounce back from traumatic events.  Firefighters, Police Officers, Paramedics, EMTs and more are a special group of people who strive to help and protect others. It becomes instinctual to put aside one’s needs for the wellbeing of others. 

Here lies the problem for First Responders.  This mindset when it goes unchecked becomes a belief system that promotes neglect of their mental health needs. Our program was created to provide professional services to treat and curtail the signs and symptoms associated with post traumatic stress and addiction. 

The Narrow Road combines mental health and addiction treatment services with Equine therapy services.  Our integrated therapeutic services equip first responders to cope effectively with the inevitable demands and trauma each individual faces.  Our aim is to provide professional counseling in a therapeutic residential setting. We assess and tailor a service plan to treat each of our resident’s life controlling problems.  We provide the tools to facilitate healing from trauma and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. As you may know drug and alcohol abuse impairs judgement and leads to ineffective coping behaviors when faced with high risk situations.  

We provide the following therapeutic services:

  • A specialized sober living program for first responders who struggle with PTSD and alcohol/drug addiction.  Our residents will participate in a structured daily program. Our daily therapeutic activities will be facilitated by our house manager, therapist, equine assisted therapy specialist, life coach, and professional mentor/Ranch Hand.

  • A specialized curriculum for first responders battling alcohol and drug addiction (only) as their primary diagnosis. 

  • Faith Based research, principles, and applications are integrated into the therapeutic program.

We specialize in co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.  Our practices are aimed at treating the whole person. Our experience and research provides a great deal of insight. In most cases those who self medicate and are addicted become more susceptible to traumatic experiences. In other words, first responders who are addicted to mind altering substances are more vulnerable and will cope poorly with work related trauma.  Likewise untreated PTSD leads to self medicating and alcohol abuse and/or drug addiction. As a team we are well versed with the problems of PTSD and alcohol and drug addiction. More importantly we are better equipped to facilitate the healing process, reinforce sober living, and optimize quality of life.

As Director of Operations I look forward to any questions or if you would like more information contact me directly. Simply fill out the contact page.

Be Encouraged!

Cesar Sanchez MSW, LADC

Director of Operations

Cesar Sanchez