The Narrow Road is a place to get equipped and be restored. 


Our aim is to treat the whole person…

The Narrow Road Center is a structured residential treatment program with a supportive sober living environment. Our center’s name originated out of a passionate conversation that led to a realization (more on that later). As founder and a seasoned clinician with over 22 years; I know from professional experience there is a way to heal from grief, trauma, and break free from addiction. Our focus is to provide professional counseling and effective therapeutic interventions that ignite a change in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

We complete a thorough assessment and tailor a service plan specific to the individual. This plan will provide the insight our team needs to laser focus on the root issues, As you may know finding the source is critical; it reveals the tools we need to optimize our wellbeing. Our program is set up to treat alcohol and drug addiction with those suffering from PTSD.

The Narrow Road Program is tailor made for first responders. We have a deep understanding of service and duties first responders live out. The critical incidences first responders face are overwhelming. Eventually these experiences can have a negative effect on their ability to cope, their ability to function, and can put tremendous stress on the family.

Our program integrates best practices, professional therapists, life coaching, Equine Therapy Interventions, and incorporates a core curriculum. This works effectively when the client is provided the right therapeutic environment. Our location and residential experience is unique and restorative.



  • Professional Staff

  • Narrow Road Program based on a daily structure integrated with therapeutic activities

  • Best Practices- Living IN Balance Curriculum

  • Equine Therapy Services and Interventions

Core Belief

  • Provides Therapeutic Interventions to treat the whole person

  • Integrate Research Based Biblical principles

  • Individuals can break free from addiction

  • Individuals/first responders are able to curtail PTSD symptoms